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wardly trot off In a mild, aimless amble, first this
way and tható-so bewildered and uncertain In
his gait that one would think it was the first time
he had ever tried to walk on his own feet.

The reason a horse can be broken in the above
manner is that the animal is a very intelligent
being with rationality. A chicken has no reason;
therefore it goes through its life running away
from 'shuhs5 that never harm It. This keeps it
from getting many extra crumbs that It could
leisurely eat if it only had the reason to learn from
experience as the horse does.

Four months later we were again back on our
beloved plains in upper Montana. Our horses
were the envy of every tribe who saw us that
summer. They all wanted to know where we got
them. Our chief told the story of this wild-
horse hunt so many times that it has since become
legend among the Indians of these prairies,

But at the end of the story our venerable leader
would always look downcast} and In sadly mea-
sured words he would tell of the steel-dust stallion,
with the flowing moon-coloured mane and tail,
which he had picked out for himself. He would
spend many minutes describing this superb horse,
yet he would never finish the story, unless some one
should ask him what became of the spectacular